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- Books
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- Web Sites related to Telework, English Language
Alcatel, Telecommuting


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- French Bibliography

Bibliographie et Adresses sur le Télétravail

- Some brief informations

Telework in Italy,

by Alessandro Minelli

"Two research groups of different universities tried recently, and one is still trying, to study the evolution of telework in two important areas: the north-east and the Lazio (still in progress). The Universities involved are Venezia-Udine and Rome. Some important data emerge from those studies. First of all telework is not greatly present in Italy. Patrizio Di Nicola (researcher in Rome and responsable for the Italian branch of ETD) emphasised that just 5% of the selected firms where experiencing telework. Some 2% more were planningto do it. In 500 firms just 35% knew something about telework. Some 15% of all Lazio firms could be involved in a telework experience. Particular tools, like modems or an internet access, are not enough to create a telework experience. Stefano Micelli (researcher in the University of Udine) tried to focus on the way teleworking tools are influencing managers attitudes in the north-east. The results were not good. Telework diffusion in this zone is not very powerful. Few firms are interested in telework, and fewer can afford, for instance, teleconferencing. Just 30% of firms use normally e-mail systems. Just 4-5% use teleconferencing, but the statistical sample is composed of only 20 firms... The emerging problem is that telework is not widely diffused in these regions. This is due either to lack of interest in reorganizeing the internal and external structure of the firm, or to ignorance, or lack of money. Institutions are static, the EC is the only promoter, but that is not enough."

Alessandro Minelli

Via Bassano 10 Torino 10136 Italia


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