Réseau d'Activités à Distance


Writting your professionnal experiences

Duration 1 month, maximum.

Thanks to electronic mail, each candidate is accompanied by his coach during the whole duration of the session.

A list of topics is given to the candidate. He uses the material recollected during the first session. On this true and factual basis he devotes himsef to stylistic exercices:

“Oh ! No ! Young man, this is too short !

One could say... Oh ! God !... many things, in short.

Just by changing the tone, for example, listen:

Aggressive: “Sir, had I such a nose,

I would have it cut straightaway !”

Friendly: “It must have a quick dip in your cup !”

.........“ (Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac)

“Ah ! non ! C'est un peu court, jeune homme !

On pouvait dire... Oh ! Dieu !... bien des choses en somme.

En variant le ton, - par exemple, tenez:

Agressif: “Moi, monsieur, si j'avais un tel nez,

Il faudrait sur-le-champ que je me l'emputasse !”

Amical: “Mais il doit tremper dans votre tasse !”

.........“ (Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac)

The candidate is tempted by his stylistic inspiration. Such a feeling is expressed with this style. The variations on a theme give more flexibility to the feelings. The candidate rediscovers the multitude of his emotions. In the same movement he lessens his boredom, his impatience and his anguish. Humour is a faithful friend.

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