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Finalize your job hunting documents

Duration 1 month, maximum.

Each candidate is accompanied by his coach during the whole duration of the session. They communicate by electronic mail (e-mail).

- Writen on the basis of the previously accumulated material, the job hunting documents are in accordance with the uses and customs on the jobs and services markets. The presentation and the style are essential. The purpose is to gain the confidence of the potential customers, partners or employers.

The candidate learns how to develop separately his ideas. He gives more precision to his discourse. Each module of his textual production has a given target. Only one idea for each sentence. Only one theme for a paragraph. A document for each purpose.

- A list of documents to be constructed is given to the candidate. He uses the material accumulated during the previous sessions.

You have finished the session when you are ready for publishing your resume and your job hunting documents on the Réseau Européen pour l'Emploi without any risk of a bad advertising.

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