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Publishing your project on the RAD

Duration 1 month, maximum.

You discuss with your personnal coach. You contribute to virtual teams with your colleagues. You have been able to form mutual relations during the previous sessions. You are clever enough with e-mail.

You have at your's disposal a network whose you are a creator as a user.

It's time to take-off.

You have a project, based upon a critical observation of the market. You noticed some needs. You proposed to remedy. Let explain the means!

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To publish your resume,

Réseau Européen pour l'Emploi

You want to get a text translated!

You don't understand a french paper who seems to be interesting:-))

You want to get it translated.


Please, send at:

this small message:

“I want to get translated:”

With the french name of the paper you are interested by.

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